Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hawkeye and Lightspear conquer Rhesius

Following the Tau landing on Rhesius the Daemonhunters moved back to their base on the planet, fearing it would fall to the fresh Tau assault. The Imperial fleet, supposedly ordered to intercept the forces of the Tau, failed to appear, allowing the aliens to send more forces to back up Hawkeye’s advance guard.

Commander Lightspear, relatively inexperienced, was chosen by Sunstrike, with dual aims; consolidate the Tau hold in the Rim Worlds and prevent Shadowstrike from taking all the glory. However, Lightspear got on well with Hawkeye and planned a new assault to take the capital of Rhesius, Simius.

Lightspear attacked head on, attacking the well dug in Trebbian 9th with their forces. Initially the Tau found themselves pinned down, until squads of stealth suits outflanked the Imperial positions, taking out their heavy artillery. They were slain to a man, but their death had eased the pressure in the centre of the Imperial defensive positions.

Lightspear took his time, fending off waves of Infantry assaults, each destroyed by the superior Tau firepower. Then, with the light fading on 2607.008M42, Lightspear ordered an all out attack. It succeeded, with the Trebbian forces falling back to deeper positions, but Simius had fallen. Now if Hawkeye could take Inquisitor Ignatious’ base the Imperium would certainly lose their hold on the planet.

Hawkeye did just that, using his Kroot to outflank a strong Imperial position. The Kroot hounds were particularly savage, murdering Grey Knight troopers and taking the right flank of the Imperial line. On the left a bitter fight ensured the Imperial forces did manage to force the Tau back, but their position had been fatally compromised, and the Inquisitor evacuated his forces, leaving the Trebbians to their fate.

Fortunately the Tau and Imperial commanders saw sense, and two thirds of the Imperial regiments were allowed to evacuate the planet. The Imperium rescued several thousand troops, while the Tau prevented any more lives being lost in the fight for Rhesius. Hawkeye and Lightspear celebrated the fall of Rhesius on 2907.008M42.

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