Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Coronus: Nazghat closes in on Dark Angels’ base.

After their crushing victory over the Dark Angels, Waagh! Nazghat wasted little time following up this success, pushing into the areas defended by the remaining Librian forces. These were lead by Colonel Crealin, who’s main task was to hold the Orks at the secondary defence line, or prevent them from reaching it.

Crealin knew the defences were incomplete, so while they were being constructed he led three companies out into the wilderness to the north of the base to make contact and “dissuade” the Orks from continuing their advance. By 1007.008M42 the Imperial Colonel knew that the Orks were less than 65 miles from their base and would need to be stopped.

Crealin advanced into the undulating hills of the land around the Imperial base, quickly finding his enemy. The green tide then turned south west in an effort to immediately engage their enemy. The battle was typically bloody with Crealin finding it hard to engage his tanks and Hellhounds in the dense terrain. Worse still the Orks were able to close with the Imperial forces much faster than had been anticipated, exposing the Librian armour to Ork assault.

Several tanks were lost as the greenskins tore them open with power claw sand grenades. Crealin had failed to stop the Ork advance and by 1707.008M42the unstoppable Ork Waagh! Had reached the outer defences of the main Imperial base.

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