Saturday, July 05, 2008

Coronus: Ork Horde encroaches on Imperial Base

The loss of Danelloth was keenly felt by Imperial sector high command, but they couldn’t dwell on it for long as just a week after Danelloth fell, Ork hulks were detected in the Coronus system. The Imperial base had been reinforced by the recent arrival of Librian Grenadiers from Danelloth but the Orks were not the only problem on Coronus.

The Night Lords were still in the vicinity. On seeing the large Ork fleet arrive they realised they could certainly deal the Imperium a damaging blow, if not a fatal one, on Coronus if they could organise an alliance, albeit temporary, with the Orks.
Lord Raziel’s Marines, under brother Dumah, were successful in his negotiations and the combined Ork and Chaos army launched itself into a ferocious assault against the Imperial forces defending the base’s perimeter. The fire of several Leman Russ battle tanks and Hellhound flame tanks caused horrendous casualties in the centre of the Ork lines, but Chaos marines used the village on their left flank to approach the Imperial troops in relative safety. Meanwhile on the right, Ork speed freaks very quickly engaged the cream of the Dark Angels’ assault troops.

On the Imperial right a vicious battle erupted between the Dark Angels and Night lords, while the speed freaks turned the Imperial flank. Although the attack was stalled in the centre, both sides of the Imperial army found themselves fighting for their lives.

On 2906.008M42 the Imperial commanders decided to withdraw to a secondary defence line, realising that to stay any longer meant being surrounded by the Ork-Chaos alliance. By nightfall on the same day the Orks had advanced to within 80 miles of the Dark Angels’ base, and found themselves firmly on the back foot.

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