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Tau Melberg Peace Treaty

1. Terms of Ceasefire
1.1. Effective immediately all hostilities by both sides shall cease.
1.2. All non-Tau military personnel and equipment shall not be moved from its present positions until the conditions of this treaty are met.
1.3. The UFP (United Federation of Planets) shall appoint observers to ensure treaty obligations are adhered to by all sides.
1.4. Those occupied territories forming part of the Tau Empire (see section 3 and appendix 1) shall disarm completely with immediate effect. Regimental and military organisations shall be disbanded with immediate effect.
1.5. Tau forces within the territories of the free nations (identified in section 3 and appendix 1) shall retire immediately to the borders of the Tau occupied zone (see appendix 1).
1.6. The retirement identified in 1.5 shall be completed in a period of no more than one standard Imperial week following all signatures.
1.7. All indigenous Prisoners of War shall be allowed to return to their nation of origin following the signing of this treaty.
1.8. All Tau Prisoners of war shall be released into the custody of the Tau Empire immediately following the signature of this treaty.
1.9. All non-indigenous Prisoners of War shall be allowed to join the evacuation of Imperial troops or remain in the Tau occupied zone.

2. Evacuation of Non-Indigenous Troops
2.1. Those units of non-Melberg PDF shall be allowed to leave the Melberg system by troop transport.
2.2. All non Melberg PDF equipment (with the exception of personal equipment able to be carried by one man) shall be destroyed as observed by UFP observers.
2.3. The UFP fleet shall escort the Imperial troops to the edge of Melberg space.
2.4. No Imperial warship shall be permitted into the Melberg primary biosphere region during this evacuation.
2.5. Tau warships shall not leave the Melberg Primary Biosphere region until the evactuation is complete.
2.6. Following the evacuation of the Imperial troops no Imperial warship shall be permitted within the Melberg system. Such an incursion shall be considered an act of war and this treaty becomes null and void.

3. Territorial Re-alignment
3.1. The territories of the free countries of Melberg shall be realigned as per appendix 1.
3.2. Veraconia will regain North Borax.
3.3. Whettis shall cede Atlovea, Russetica, Tunarc, Pelagur, Euradis and Afria to the Tau occupied zone.
3.4. Coronia shall cede Escus, Tirilor, Ugarnica, Tasmacia, Manesini, Erandius, Lithacini, Ethis, and west Euphyrum to the Tau occupied zone.
3.5. Atlas Prime shall be ceded to the Tau Empire.

Administrative Re-organisation
4.1. The territories of Genidius, Gwendel, Narmala, Terris Kingdon and the Isle of Cor shall be the sovereign territory of the Tau Empire, to be governed by those officials appointed by the Tau government.
4.2. The territories of Veraconia, Coronia, Whettis, Actopia, Cannabrini, Thorland and Vaskia shall be governed independently by whichever political system they so desire, subject to the following territory realignment in section 3 (map appendix 1) and military restrictions in section 5.
4.3. There shall exist a de-militarised zone next to the borders of the Tau administered Melberg territories (see appendix 1). No free nation shall deploy armed forces within this territory.

5. Activities and Restrictions of Unoccupied armies
5.1. Each free nation (detailed in section 4) shall be allowed an army no larger than 100,000 combatant personnel.
5.2. Each free nation shall be limited to a maximum number of 100 armoured vehicles.
5.3. Each free nation shall dismantle all ballistic missile and artillery installations which have an effective range greater than 20 miles.
5.4. Each free nation shall surrender its capability of constructing such weaponry identified in item 5.3.
5.5. Existing weaponry and equipment held by each free nation surplus to the terms agreed in items 5.2, 5.3, 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9 shall be destroyed as witnesses by the aforementioned UFP observers.
5.6. Each free nation shall disband its military air capability.
5.7. Each free nation shall disband its military naval capability.
5.8. Each free nation shall disband its military and civilian space faring capability (see sections 6 and 7).
5.9. The adherence of these terms by those nations identified as Free Nations of Melberg shall be open to investigation with no notice required by inspectors appointed by the Tau government of the occupied territories.
5.10.The free nations of Melberg shall benefit from the protection of the Tau Empire from hostile acts perpetrated on them by any external force(s).
5.11.Citizens of the free nations are permitted to apply for membership of the Tau Empire and benefit from the rights enjoyed by such citizens.
5.12.The free nations of Melberg shall not hinder any application identified in 5.11.

6. Off-world Trade
6.1. All off world trade shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and administered by those of the Tau air and water caste.

7. Contact with Off-world Organisations
7.1. All off world communication and contact shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and administered by those of the Tau air and water caste.

8. Other assets
8.1. Assets previously owned and administered by those free nations of Melberg and by the previous Imperial authorites not within the Melberg atmospheric envelope shall be ceded to the Tau Empire. These include but are not limited to:
8.1.1. Melberg orbiting space dock.
8.1.2. Melberg spaceport.
8.1.3. Outer planetary outposts.

9. Settlement and freedom of movement
9.1. Without the express permission of the territory concerned no Tau shall be allowed to settle permanently within a free nation of Melberg.
9.2. Tau and human alike shall be allowed freedom of movement between the Tau controlled area and the free states of Melberg .
9.3. Item 9.2 does not include the movement of arms or armed equipment.
9.4. Non-military use of airborne vehicles by the free nations of Melberg shall be restricted to that area identified in appendix 1, east of the “no fly zone”.
9.5. Tau aircraft shall be allowed unrestricted access over the “no fly zone” identified in appendix 1.
9.6. Tau aircraft shall require the permission to over-fly those free nations not included in the no-fly zone.

10. Activities and Operations of Tau Military Forces
10.1.Tau ground forces shall not incur on the territories of the free nations without the express permission or request of the government thereof.
10.2.Tau air forces shall not incur into the airspace of the free nations (excepting the no-fly zone) without the express permission or request of the government thereof.

11. Treaty
11.1.This treaty shall come into effect immediately following the securing of all signatures.
11.2.The treaty shall be signed by all members as observed by UFP observers in Atlas Prime with the following exceptions
11.2.1. Commander of the Imperial fleet.
11.3.Signatories shall include the following:
11.3.1. Commander of the Tau Invasion Force
11.3.2. Commander of Tau forces (Aleph Expansion Sphere)
11.3.3. Commander of Tau Fleet (Battlegroup Melberg)
11.3.4. Tau Diplomatic Representative
11.3.5. Commander of Imperial (non-indigenous) forces
11.3.6. Commander of Imperial Fleet (Melberg)
11.3.7. UFP Advisory Committee Representative
11.3.8. King of Whettis
11.3.9. Governor of Actopia
11.3.10. President of Coronia
11.3.11. Prime Minister of Cannabrini
11.3.12. Governor General of Vaskia
11.3.13. Chancellor of Thorland
11.3.14. First Minister of Veracon

Appendix 1 – Melberg Territorial realignment

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