Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Coronus: Orks gain despite Daemonhunters victory

Following the Imperial defeat to the Ork/Chaos army the leading inquisitor in the area, Ignatious, was keen to find out the extent of the Chaos taint in Ork, and Imperial forces. Following his landing near the Dark Angels’ base, the Inquisitor led his forces against an unsuspecting Ork horde.

The elite forces under Ignatious found success, driving the Orks back some twenty miles from the Imperial stronghold, before leaving, the job completed, in their opinion. The Daemonhunters had found no Chaos forces and surmised that the Night Lords had left.

This action however provoked the Orks into action and as Ignatious left, Waagh Nazghat was preparing a fresh assault on the Dark Angels. Fighting soon became vicious and the Marines soon found themselves in trouble, losing men and equipment at an alarming rate. Despite a heroic personal action by the company chaplain the Orks scored a major victory against the Adeptus Astartes, and the Imperial forces had no choice but to retreat to an inner ring of defences around their stronghold. Coronus hung in the balance.

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