Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hylas infiltrated by Chaos

Hylas was next to feel the Chaos wrath. Up till 1807.008M42 Hylas had escaped the war which had engulfed the outposts in the Mabb nebula, and the five million Imperial citizens prayed to the Emperor for their continued peace. If He heard their prayers he didn’t listen.

The Night Lords arrived on the planet just days after the fall of Tyndareous and the inhabitants didn’t need to know the fate of their neighbours as the traitor marines spread terror and death among outlying settlements, in exactly the same vein as had occurred on Tyndareous. To save their citizens the Imperium would have to send forces to counter the Night Lords, whereupon the Chaos Marines would smash them.

Inquisitor Ignatious’ first lieutenant, leading the crusade in the Mabb nebula was the first to arrive, landing at the planet’s spaceport just days after the first reports of Chaos activity had been received. Clearly the Daemonhunters had anticipated the Night Lords’ next move, and the Imperial elite strike force accepted the Chaos forces’ challenge.

The Night Lords were hunted down by the Daemonhunters and eventually they were forced to give battle. The fight became incredibly bloody as the two elite forces clashed. The battle ebbed and flowed and the Imperial forces began to do serious damage to the traitors, something they had not suffered against Imperial forces to date.

Even so the Daemonhunters could not shift the Night Lords’ from the terrain they had elected to defend and after an epic struggle were forced to withdraw, allowing the Night Lords’ vanguard force to slip away after dark. Their victory ensured that Hylas would continue to be terrorised by traitor forces. The Daemonhunters requested aid from Imperial high command and wondered just how many forces were left in the Zadoc subsector to counter all the threats the Imperium was now facing.

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