Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Memnon: Night Lords Ambushed by Kel Sandros Eldar

On 1407.008M42 the Night Lords were to find out that the Kel Sandros Eldar,despite having been defeated by the Orks, had far from given up on the planet. As the Chaos Marines moved to consolidate their position on the planet the Eldar attacked them without warning and a fierce battle erupted in a valley a few miles from a Night Lords base.

The Eldar managed to force the Night Lords to withdraw, though casualties were similar on both sides. The Eldar however maintained a tactical edge over their enemy and managed to capture all the high ground, forcing their enemy to disengage.

The Chaos position on Memnon was now precarious and the Eldar hoped the attack would be enough to encourage the Chaos forces to leave. Then the ancient race would only have to rid Memnon of the tiresome greenskins. As had become predictable, the Imperium did nothing to help the small human population of its far flung outpost.

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