Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ignatious clashes with Hawkeye on New Sparta

Reports of the Tau landings on Daedalon reached the Imperium on 0107.008M42, but it took the Imperial Forces a while to put together sufficient forces to provide a response. After all the Imperium was now facing war on many fronts. Inquisitor Ignatious however was already in the Rim Worlds following his activities there, so moved with all haste to Daedalon.

He found nothing. The Tau had gone and the Inquisitor had no interest in cleansing the planet of the Tyranids he did find with his small elite force. Instead his investigations led him to New Sparta, where a civil war had all but annihilated the planet’s population.

A week or so later the Inquisitorial forces arrived in the New Sparta system and the Tau were already there, helping one side in the human civil war to achieve victory. Ignatious declared that faction heretics for consorting with Xenos and immediately landed with the intention of wiping out the Tau in the Rim Worlds and winning back New Sparta for the Imperium. His plans could not have gone more wrong.

On the war torn blasted landscape of New Sparta the Daemonhunters faced the experienced and canny commander Hawkeye. As the Imperial force advanced on nearby objectives they came under furious fire, losing several experienced veterans. The rate of fire never faltered from the Tau and despite a determined and stubborn resistance the Tau gained the upper hand with the loss of minimal casualties. Within hours it was clear the surgical strike had failed.

Ignatious left New Sparta in a furious rage and the consequences were immediate. The loyal defenders fighting the Tau, seeing an Inquisitor abandon them, folded immediately. The Tau took New Sparta and called in their reserves, quickly preparing a strike on their next target, Rhesius.

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