Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hawkeye and Moonface land on Daedalon

With the minor planets in the Rim Worlds falling with alarming rapidity, the Chaos and Tau leaders realised control over the region now came down to a straight fight between them. The Imperium had been knocked out and the Orks were still far away with the Imperial main bases in between. The Rim Worlds in the upper Perseus Deeps would be dominated by Chaos, or the ever expanding Tau Empire.

With two bases each, Daedalon now became the crucial planet. If it were conquered by Chaos, the Tau would find themselves hemmed in, with no clear route to the hubward systems beyond the Perseus Deeps. If however, they couldtake Daedalon the Tau would cut the Chaos holdings in two, and Typhon and Priam would be isolated from their main base at Grimlock.

Despite concerns over the over-extension of Tau forces, Hawkeye landed on the planet, where the Night Lords had already established a base and were successfully clearing the Tyranids of Hive Fleet Phoenix from the dense forests. Moonface realised that Lord Raziel would not have sufficient force to face both the Tyranids, which he was defeating, and the newly landed Tau.

Moonface landed his expeditionary force on Daedalon just days after Hawkeye had made planetfall, once again evading any contact in space. Immediately his forces attacked the Tau, but they were ready. Moonface found himself frustrated by ill-discipline in his own ranks, and the ponderously slow advance of his Thousand Sons marines, following the destruction of his transport vehicles by accurate railgun fire. These events conspired against the Catechism, dealing them a rare defeat. The Chaos forces were forced to withdraw and consider their options, while Hawkeye consolidated his landing area on Daedalon.

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