Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tyndareous falls to Chaos as Night Lords crush Librians

Tyndareous became the second world in the Zadoc subsector to fall to Chaos on 1907.008M42 as Colonel Spiggot’s forces were swept aside as Flack and Slade were assaulted by the full force of the Night Lords.

It was a straight battle of annihilation. The Chaos marines sought out Imperial forces and destroyed them, rather than attempting to take territory. This change in tactics was crippling to the Imperial defenders, who expected the Night Lords to assault key objectives. With alarming speed the Librian Grenadier units were crushed, and armoured reserves could not break the Chaos advance.

To Colonel Spiggot it seemed his Grenadiers were a spent force. Suffering from exhaustion the troops could not hit their targets and folded when assaulted in close combat. Despite the destruction of defiler war engines and a furious firefight which led to the demise of all but a single member of a Chaos Marine squad, the Night Lords’ losses were but pinpricks. Spiggot evacuated what he could, including most of the 1st AirCav to the safety of the Redoubtable.

The Imperial Warship left the system in Chaos hands, bombarding Slade and reducing it to a smoking ruin before heading towards the jump point. No-one in the Imperial command aboard could know if the orbital bombardment had done any damage, but their own ground troops had done precious little in the campaign for Tyndareous...

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